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Lottery Sambad is one of the popular lottery in India which change the whole life of many peoples. We can create this page on demands of lottery users. Our mission is to show the Lottery Sambad result at right time for the users. You can check this lottery result at any time from this website. This website easily access you to check lottery results. If you want to see the Lottery Sambad result early then wait for the fix time. We will update the lottery result at right. Stay connected with this site and easily see the results of Lottery Sambad. We can updates the lottery results 3 times in everyday in this page.

Lottery Sambad is drawn 3 times in everyday. The timing is 1PM, 6PM and 8PM. We can also update the result in this time. Day by day the results are change and published in this website. The first price of the winner is 1 crore, second price is 5000, third price is 450, fourth price is 250, fifth price is 150 and consolation price is 1000. The first price of this lottery is very high and life changeable price. So, try this lottery many times and choose your number with wisely. The best thing about this lottery is that the price of a single ticket is only RS 6. You can buy more tickets because when you have more tickets then there are more chances to win the lottery.

Lottery Sambad Results Today

If you are searching for the lottery sambad today result then you are on the right webpage. People may also called this lottery to dear lottery, Nagaland lottery, Sikkim lottery and many more. The result are shown in this website at right time. Click the result button to show the results. The result button are given below:

Lottery Sambad Result 1PM

Lottery Sambad 1PM is also known as morning lottery. This lottery is drawn 1PM in everyday. The 1PM result of this lottery is published in this page. You can easily check the lottery result from this page. This site allow you to check the lottery result at anytime. The first price for the winner is 1 crore. This is bumper and life changeable price. So, try this lottery many times. This lottery is one of the best option to check your luck. If your luck works then you become crorepati and your whole life was changeable. So, this is great opportunity to change your life.

Lottery Sambad Result 6PM

lottery result 6PM is also known as evening lottery result. This lottery is drawn 6PM in everyday. The first price of this lottery for winner is 1 crore. There are also other prices for second position, third position, fourth position, fifth position and consolation price. But the first price of this lottery is life changeable price. The price of single ticket is only RS 6. So, this is very low price, everyone take participate and play with your luck. You can easily check the lottery result from this site at 6PM. The lottery result 6PM is publish in this page. So, stay connected with us.

Lottery Sambad Result 8PM

Lottery result 8PM is also called night lottery result. This lottery is drawn 8PM in everyday. So, you can check 8PM lottery result from this page. This page easily show you the 8PM lottery result.

Lottery Allowed in India

This lottery is allowed 13 state in India which are shown in the below image:

lottery sambad

How to Check the Results

  • First, open this page.
  • After that scroll the page and in center you can see lottery result button.
  • Click the button which you want to check.

Final Words

Dear lottery is only for the Indian peoples. So, only Indian peoples take participate in this lottery. There is not permission to take participate out of the country. This is great and awesome lottery for Indian peoples. So, never lose these opportunities.

The main purpose to create this page is to show the lottery sambad result for the users. So, here we publish the result at right time. Check your result carefully.

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